Columbus Day?

History?  |  02/15/2016

Celebrating Columbus Day is like raising a white flag at a checkers tournament.

I understand government employees wanting another day off, but why venerate this poor excuse for a human – the only thing Columbus discovered was a penchant for slavery. In fact, he never even set foot on what we know as the United States today.

“We now have conclusive evidence that Columbus was not the first to discover America,” explains Dr. John Hoopes, Director of Anthropology at the University of Kansas. “We have archaeological remains of European settlements we know that they were coming and going, the settlements are those in Newfoundland and the Europeans who arrived were Vikings. So there’s no question whatsoever that the Vikings arrived in Canada centuries before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.”

Vikings: Raping and Pillaging in Ancient America?
Vikings: Raping and Pillaging in Ancient America?

As Dr. Hoopes points out, we’ve had physical evidence for years now that Northern Europeans sailed the Saint Lawrence Seaway hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the self-anointed Italian, possibly to mine copper in many Northern states. Among a slew of artifacts suggesting the Vikings arrived on the continent before Columbus are 15 shipwrecks, the Kensington Runestone reading, “from this island 1362” and a 500-year old Skalholt Monastery map showing the Vikings’ “Vinland” located in Western Minnesota. In addition, a 1000-year old Viking settlement was found in Newfoundland in 1960 to further validate their presence. But even they may not have been the first to “discover” the Americas.

Ancient artifacts with oddly out-of-place inscriptions have reportedly been found throughout the nation (mostly in the Midwest) underneath mounds built by people collectively referred to as the Moundbuilders – an as-of-yet unidentified group or groups of ancient peoples who built large cities and aligned enormous earthen effigies to celestial bodies and events, right here in our backyard. Many of the oldest mounds left by these people (1500BC – 200AD) exhibit characteristics of Bell Barrows built by the ancient peoples of Europe and contained wooden “A” frame structures and burials positioned EXACTLY like they are in the ancient European earthworks. Is this the coincidence we are led to believe it is, or did ancient Europeans make the journey across the Atlantic long before we thought it possible? Considering that the mound builders employed advanced mathematics and aligned structures over many miles beyond sight, it is highly possible that they had the ability to at least “island hop” across the North Atlantic.

Kensington Runestone
Kensington Runestone

Some of the mounds left by these ancient folks supposedly contained artifacts with Phoenician and ancient Hebrew writing on them. To this day most experts have explained the existence of such artifacts including the Kensington Rune Stone, Bat Creek stone, tablets from the Burrows Cave, and the paleo-Hebrew writing of the 10 commandments on a stone found in New Mexico as hoaxes. They also claim the existence of giant human beings is a hoax, despite numerous indigenous oral histories mentioning their existence and many written eyewitness accounts.

Numerous newspaper features and official county registers recount the finding of giant human skeletons throughout the world and extensively throughout the Ohio Valley, corroborating the oral traditions of many indigenous peoples regarding the existence of such beings. This evidence could also validate the tale of the “sons of god and daughters of men” known as the Nephilim, straight out of the Bible. Fritz Zimmerman covers this extensively in his books The Nephilim Chronicles – Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley and the new Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America. However, while there are many eyewitness accounts, county register entries and field reports from Smithsonian investigators available to validate the existence of these skeletons they have all been removed from their resting places and are now somehow impossible to locate. Many people claim that the disappearance of these skeletons under the watch of entities like the Smithsonian is a bit questionable to say the least (perhaps the scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark wasn’t so far-fetched).

Reconstruction of Giant From Skull Found by Smithsonian Agent, by Marcia K Moore
Reconstruction of Giant From Skull Found and Documented by Agent of Smithsonian Institute, by Marcia K Moore

Glen Beck shares a theory that may not be far from the truth, and apparently the Smithsonian has admitted some wrongdoing. Some claim the Smithsonian has purposefully destroyed antiquities and tainted our understanding of history and there is evidence to support this. Some claim the Smithsonian sold the giant human skeletons found under mounds to rich families who own them to this day. But why would certain wealthy families be interested in these skeletons, and why would they want to keep us from knowing the truth of our history? Some believe these families are performing genetic research in an effort to recreate these beings as soldiers for the impending New World Order, and while that sounds a bit far-fetched I wouldn’t put it past a society that values money and power above all else. Regardless of motive we have a significant amount of evidence suggesting that ancient Europeans walked the Americas and giants could’ve been among them, yet we are continuously told by those in positions of authority that these are all hoaxes and impossibilities. Genetic research may start helping us hold these people accountable for our ignorance.

Danish geneticist Eske Willerslev concluded research in 2013 confirming that at least a third of Native Americans can trace their ancestry to Western Europe. Willerslev’s research included the fullest sequencing of ancient human DNA to date on a pair of 24,000-year-old Siberian skeletons, and the results showed that the people who lived near Lake Baikal at the dawn of human civilization and who later expanded as the Native American Indians of the New World came from Europe – not Asia. “The west Eurasian signatures that we very often find in today’s Native Americans don’t all come from postcolonial admixture,” states Willerslev, “Some of them are ancient.” Donald Yates of DNA Consultants, himself part Cherokee points out that this research is more compelling than previous Haplogroup work. This is because Haplogroups are genetic population groups of people who share a common ancestor on the patrilineal or matrilineal line, and these studies were based on autosomal DNA or the total of all genomic contributions from all ancestral lines – not just male-only or female-only descent.

Yates has also conducted research and recently published results claiming that some Native Americans have Middle Eastern ancestry. While this has come under the anticipated dose of fire from everyone whose cheese got nudged by the news it does support the claims of some Cherokee that they are descendants of ancestors from Middle East. It also supports the aforementioned possibility of ancient Hebrews in the Americas and gives credence to the widely held belief among Americans of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries (and Mormons of today) that some aboriginal peoples of the Americas are descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel. The Lost Tribes of Israel refers to ten of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel that were said to have been deported from the Kingdom of Israel after its conquest in 722 BCE. Ten tribes left Israel and have since remained unaccounted for, and some believe they could’ve landed here. This once again suggests cross-oceanic travel long before we thought it possible.

Ancient cross-oceanic sea travel has been reported in the oral traditions of many indigenous peoples, all of whom apparently are unworthy of our attention because they contradict the commonly held belief that all peoples arrived here by crossing an ice bridge from Russia to Alaska over the Bering Sea bridge, or what they call Beringia. Ancient Asian peoples reportedly sailed to California and Peru, and ancient landings in Central America may have originated in Africa. Polynesian sailors may have visited many seemingly unattainable shores, and may have been very active in ancient times.

Conventional Theory of How and when Humans Settled the World
Current Theory of How and When Humans Settled the World

The facial features of the remains of Kennewick Man – a 9,000 year-old dude found in Washington State in 1996 resemble those of a Polynesian, not an Asian who would’ve crossed Beringia. These Polynesian features are also prominent in the skeleton of a 13,000 year-old girl named Naia found in Monte Verde Chile, and those of a young boy found in Montana at an ancient habitation dated to be 12,600 years old – both of which have been linked to American Indians via DNA testing. While both these skeletons also show Siberian-Asian DNA suggesting a Beringia crossing consistent with our current understanding of the earliest human occupation of the Americas at 13,000 years ago (based on the finding of spear points in Clovis, NM), how do we account for the dramatically different facial features between these skeletons and their suggested American Indian descendants? Some people certainly made the hike over the ice bridge, but it seems that others may have chosen to take a cruise instead.

Hopi Village of Walpi on First Mesa - Deluge Survivors?
Hopi Village of Walpi on First Mesa – Ancestors of Deluge Survivors?

The land-locked Hopi people of Northern Arizona tell a story involving leaving a sinking land mass in the Pacific (Polynesia or Lemuria?) and have a clan among them referred to as the “Houseboat Clan.” That’s a pretty odd name for a clan of people living in the high deserts of Arizona. Hopi oral tradition also suggests caucasian ancestry and mentions a “white brother” named Pahana who will return to usher in the purification (similar in some ways to Biblical Armageddon) as we enter the fifth world of incarnation as humans on earth, which is happening any time now. Similarly the Aztec people of Mexico await the return of Quetzalcoatl, an aged white ancestor who will return to usher in the next world. How would two groups of dark-skinned indigenous peoples conceive of a white-skinned ancestor in a world in which caucasians did not exist? Some believe the Catholic incursion is to blame for the introduction of these concepts in an effort to Christianize the locals, which is entirely possible. However, the Hopi creation myth pre-dates the birth of the Christ and creation of Christianity by a long, long time.

Dr. Albert Goodyear of the University of South Carolina tested human remains found along the Savannah River in 2004 and supposedly dated them to 50,000 years of age. While this will certainly stupefy those who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old (and wish to alter our history books to reflect that), it will come as no surprise to others that the fact that humans inhabited this continent more than 35,000 years than previously thought was not important enough to make headlines. The victor truly does write history and as a result we are cranking out stupid people at an alarming rate. A teacher I spoke to turned me on to this poor excuse for education, which does such a good job of educating children that many cannot get into college.

Hopi Men Imprisoned by US Government in 1894 for Refusing to Allow Their Children to be Assimilated by our Lackluster Educational System
Hopi Men Imprisoned by US Government in 1894 for Refusing to Allow Their Children to be Assimilated by our Lackluster Educational System

Our history books are riddled with inaccuracies and omissions resulting from years of interference from special interests, yet instead of correcting them we’re allowing people to continue changing history to suit their personal interests. There is a movement in the U.S. headlined by Representative Dan Fisher of Oklahoma to alter the advanced placement history courses taught in our high schools to teach more “American exceptionalism.” Apparently the dirty details of the genocidal escapade we boldly championed as “manifest destiny” are too graphic for our kids to learn, though a first-person shooter video game and steady diet of gruesome death on TV is business as usual. God forbid our children should ever learn about smallpox blankets, widespread assimilation and all the other neat things we’ve done to obliterate our indigenous brothers and sisters. These people are our greatest natural resource and we continue to turn our backs to them, poisoning their food and water, destroying sacred sites along with social and cultural identities. Did you ever stop to wonder why we chose to celebrate a day when a white person discovered this land and subsequently destroyed it instead of a day when he found beautiful and advanced cultures and learned how to peacefully enjoy the highest standard of life ever recorded on earth?

"Wow, nice place ya got here. Mind a Little Disease and Genocide?"
“Wow, nice place ya got here. Mind a Little Disease and Genocide?”

“One of the reasons why we still celebrate Columbus Day is having to do with the narrative of discovery,” adds Hoopes. “The idea that white people can discover something and are the ones who are covering the world is very appealing to a lot of people although it is pretty obvious that Columbus didn’t really discover anything – people were already living exactly where he was. So this narrative of discovery is completely false, it really just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.”

Recognizing the idiocy of celebrating this false event some municipalities like Seattle and Minneapolis are now choosing to honor our native predecessors in lieu of whitey on October 12 with “Indigenous Peoples Day.” Setting aside a day to recognize those we whacked indiscriminately to hawk depilatory cream in California seems much more appropriate than paying tribute to the sailing slave owner.

Our history of hatred and ignorance is nowhere better represented than it is with the annual recognition of Columbus Day (save for Thanksgiving), and for that reason alone it’s a good thing to remember. Lets take a cue from the folks in Seattle and Minneapolis and start paying tribute to those we displaced, assimilated and have imprisoned for more than 500 years to this day.


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