On the Trail: Following the Breadcrumbs, Reading the Tea Leaves

History?  |  04/03/2017


Wrapping up our initial exploration of Hopi prophecy and the activities of pueblo ancestors at Chaco Canyon, we ponder the possibility for cataclysm and have more questions than answers.

How do the land-locked Hopi of Northern Arizona have a “houseboat” clan and oral tradition of escaping a biblical great flood to carry on culture in this, the fourth world? How do the Hopi share linguistics, cosmology and god systems with seemingly disparate cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Dogon? Did ancient pueblo peoples interact with ancient Europeans in what is now Pennsylvania? While we have many questions we hope to answer on future trips, we did come away with one overwhelming definitive: The world as we know it will likely cease to exist – soon.

Cataclysm: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

The Hopi, Maya and many other indigenous cultures convey traditions accounting for past incarnations of humans on earth that ended in cataclysms. These accounts, ignored by Western society correspond to scientific records of past cataclysms caused by comets, floods, ice ages and other earth changes. According to the Hopi we are living during the end of the fourth world and beginning of the fifth world, regarded as the sixth era by the Maya. Those who follow the Anunnaki believe the ancient Sumerian gods are returning soon. The Hindu Kali Yuga cycle has hit rock bottom, with major earth changes expected as soon as 2025 by some. Quite simply many indigenous cultures relate this as a time of great change, and our destructive lifestyle as a primary harbinger.

Sure, you could join promoters of the party line in ignoring the convergence of these teachings and traditions and write them all off as fiction, but it’s rather alarming to us. We’re not convinced that indigenous peoples were inclined to take time away from fighting for survival to whip-up entertaining fiction in lieu of passing information critical to the survival of their people. This isn’t a ridiculous Hollyweird scare tactic like the end of the 13th Maya baktun in 2012, nor is it a shaky Nostradomus prediction. Take it with a grain of salt if you wish, but the teachings conveying this knowledge are thousands of years old and they ALL point to this time as the beginning of the end. Sadly the passing of these teachings is also coming to an end, yet another sign of things to come.

Oral Tradition: Fading Cultures and Lost Knowledge
Oral Tradition: Fading Cultures and Lost Knowledge

As aged indigenous elders take the Great Journey and indigenous youth succumb to Western culture, the conveyance of ancient oral traditions is ending. It took about 500 years but it appears that the genocidal efforts and parasitic nature of Western civilization are finally succeeding. Our rich pueblo cultures are fading away right before our eyes, and they will be taking their vast knowledge with them. Unfortunately this is happening right when we need these people and their teachings the most.

Ask any of our indigenous brothers and sisters how they were directed to live on this planet by The Creator and they will undoubtedly convey that we were put here to be stewards of the earth. We’re here to enjoy the ride and care for all living things, not to sit in an office for 10 hours a day to buy a money-lusting CEO another beach home. The fact that we are unable to see beyond the veneer forest we’ve created is somewhat puzzling and testament to the power of socialization. This system of “civilization” we perpetuate isn’t civil in the least, nor is it mandatory. We designed it, we operate it, and we should strongly consider pitching it. After all, as we waddle on blindly participating in this system we are actively participating in our own demise.

You don’t have to look far to understand that the way we are living is not conducive to life of any kind. We kill thousands in senseless wars for economic reasons under the guise of spreading freedom. We have the technology to live without fossil fuels but continue destroying the environment to extract and use them simply because they’re profitable. We allowed our last president to put our food supply under the control of GMO giant Monsanto, the fine folks who brought you agent orange (the nasty stuff that sticks to kids, not the punk outfit). We just elected a president who is giving cabinet positions to the bankers (Goldman Sachs) we paid for screwing us over with the last recession. We willingly take the divisive bait dangled by the political/mass media machine to hate one another based on meaningless drivel like skin color, sexual orientation and ideology. While we’re busy hating each other over nothing, we’re not addressing the fact that we have legalized corruption and put the wolves in charge of the hen house we built to imprison ourselves. We had better wake up soon, as this isn’t the first time a civilization has induced a dirt nap by worshipping materialism and greed.

Ancient cultures like the Hopi know that we’ve been down this road before and have knowledge of the past to help us avoid the same mistakes. Consider what Ramson Lomatewama conveys to us in this and previous episodes. His clan was involved in ritual human sacrifice at one time in the ancient past, and learned a valuable lesson about the ramifications of the abuse of power. They learned to approach materialism and control as negative things, and have lived peacefully for the past 1,000+ years in the same location in Northern Arizona despite constant dehumanizing agitation from the U.S. government and neighboring Navajo. I think they got the memo.

Hopi Ceremonial Calendar
Hopi Ceremonial Calendar

The primary purpose of the Hopi people is to pray for the continuation of all life on earth. Not just Hopi life, ALL life. That’s a pretty tall order, especially when those you are praying for have chosen to chase shiny things in lieu of what is real and meaningful. All of our problems as humans revolve around our choice to value profit over people, yet we continue churning the hamster wheel like Sisyphus to celebrate pain, suffering and senseless loss of life. The Hopi and many other ancient cultures learned this lesson the hard way so we wouldn’t have to, yet here we are.

The silver lining to all this is the fact that according to some elders, there is still time to turn the tides and avoid cataclysm. That’s great news, but we had better hurry up and pull our heads out of our smart phones soon. In addition to countless blatant societal signs of self-implosion, the earth is starting to defend herself.

Inuit elders are alerting NASA to the fact that the earth’s axis is shifting. This could be the result of the “twins” from Hopi tradition switching positions and initiating a pole shift. While electromagnetic fluctuations of the poles in themselves are relatively harmless, pole shifts can induce major movement in the earth’s crust that can be cataclysmic. According to NASA the culprit behind the apparent pole shift is climate change. But, NASA and many other researchers must be incorrect, because our current “leader” and the sycophant he put in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency don’t believe in climate change.

TMZ: Lowering the Bar Daily
TMZ: Lowering Humanity’s Bar Daily

NASA also assures us that the earth has an expiration date of about 50 years at the rate we are living. That seems lofty in light of Big Brother, Beyonce and TMZ. Other scientific studies are telling us that the earth’s biomass is deteriorating rapidly and that our vanishing biodiversity is detrimental to every living thing on the planet. But you can ignore all that science and icky news by grabbing the nearest bag of crispy bits and settling into the hiney-shaped impression on your barcalounger for another riveting dose of vitriol in front of The Real Housewives of Who Gives a Rat’s Ass. While it’s understandable to need an escape after a long day doing something entirely unnatural, how can you possibly relax your mind in the presence of vapid “adult” women proudly engaging in high-pitched booze-drenched junior high drama?

The mere existence of such drivel is hard to fathom, but it’s ubiquitous on television and social media and its effects reverberate throughout daily life. Every step into America these days is a nerve-wracking free-dive into the deep end of ridiculous nonsense, and this is a direct reflection of who we are. Rob recently called to explain (in disbelief) what he had just seen on the highway: A guy traveling in excess of 75 mph who was watching music videos on what appeared to be a 27″ full screen he had somehow mounted between his dash and the roof of his car. He had to make an effort to lean enough to see the road around this thing, and that somehow made sense. While this was a rare site, one can regularly catch passing drivers paying more attention to their cell phones than the multi-ton vehicles around them containing the people they apparently care nothing about.

By every possible measure our society is a loaded diaper in a dumpster fire at a shit-show within a circus, and it’s suitably presided over by another in a seemingly endless line of clowns. We can lay down, continue to go through the motions and maintain our pathetic trajectory with the “who cares, we’ll be dead soon anyway” mindset or we can agree that we’ve had enough of the insanity and do something about it. We favor the latter.

Straight Jacket cataclysm
The New Image of Free Thought

In order to understand how we got to this point we need to understand who we really are and what our human story really is, and the crap we’ve been shoveled isn’t cutting the mustard. The self-interest laden accounts of history we receive in school are riddled with omission and misinformation, perhaps perpetuating ignorance by design. We prefer taking the DIY punk approach to learn for ourselves, even if it means getting thrown in the loony bin for doing so. As nutty as that sounds, it’s entirely possible because freethinking and nonconformity are now considered mental illnesses in this country.

Color us nuts. We strive to rise above the refuse and learn how to get it right. We’ll be on the trail to a place in Pennsylvania where ancient indigenous North Americans may have interacted with ancient Europeans before cross-oceanic sea travel is considered possible.

We’re off the couch and we’ve killed the television. Wanna join us? We’ve got work to do.