Prophecies Align

Punk Archaeology  |  07/04/2016

In this episode we are joined in the field by author Gary A. David, who takes us to an ancient Hopi petroglyph panel at Homolovi, a Hisatsinom (ancient Hopi) village near Winslow AZ. The panel features an ancient star map of the cosmos, where we stop with Gary to discuss Hopi cosmology and prophecies. Prophecies that appear to be aligning with other ancient prophecies of the Maya, ancient Egyptians and Hindu, and even the Bible.

While a single spiral petroglyph indicates migratory departure or arrival of the ancient Hopi or Hisatsinom related to a specific location, a double spiral or whirlpool glyph is viewed as the “gate to Massa’u’s house.” Massa’u is the Hopi deity of the earth and underworld, and he does not exist on this earthly plane. So, in other words, a double-spiral marks a place at which one could access the realm of Massa’u via a gateway or portal to another plane. This reference to moving between planes is viewed as fantastic in Western society, but is quite common in ancient cultures.

The Maya view entering a cave as entering their underworld, Xibalba, the place where ancestors and gods reside. Stories of the Puerto de Hayu Marca or “Gate of the Gods” in Bolivia claim that shamen would insert a gold disk into a circular depression in the rock to open a doorway to other planes. Will such a gateway open at one of these locations to allow the prophetic return of a savior of sorts, much like the second coming of Christ?

We revisit Hopi end-times prophecies in this episode and ponder their similarities to other prophecies including those of the Bible. The Hopi await the return of Pahana, the True White Brother or Elder Brother, an aged white man from the East who will come to meet Younger Brother and usher in the purification. Younger Brother here is used as a reference to the indigenous peoples of North America, including the Hopi. The purification will take place under the red sign of Elder Brother, who originally travelled East to develop spirituality and will return to unite the world under one religion incorporating Younger Brother’s stewardship of the earth. Odd isn’t it, that an indigenous dark-skinned people would place a white man in their ancient legends despite supposedly never having been able to see one prior to the 1400s.

Rosicrucian Cross Symbol, in Many Prophecies
Rosicrucian Cross Symbol

Some presume the “red sign” of Elder Brother to be a reference to the red rose cross of the Rosicrucians – an ancient order of mystics that officially banded in the 16th century AD. The Rosicrucian cross pre-dates Christianity, as do the mystic areas of Rosicrucian study which developed from esoteric teachings of the ancient Egyptians circa 1500 BC. Rosicrucians profess to be a mystical society interested in the metaphysical laws governing the universe. The Cross in the Rosicrucian symbol represents the human body, the rose represents the human’s unfolding consciousness. Such a practice would certainly fit the bill as suitable “religion” for Elder Brother to unite us under, meshing equal parts spirituality and science, sans dogma.

Like the Hopi the Nahuatl people who frequented Teotihuacan in today’s Mexico also await the return of an aged white man to usher in the Sixth Era, the human embodiment of the plumed serpent god Quetzalcoatl (Kukulkhan to the Maya). Many claim this is the result of indigenous contact with early missionaries attempting to assimilate the natives, but these legends are much older than the supposed first glimpse of Christianity-pimping caucasians in the Americas in the late 1400s. So are tales of Polynesian God Lono, also a white male. In fact just as Cortez was mistaken by the Aztecs as white male god Quetzalcoatl, some think Captain James Cook’s disappearance may have been tied to Hawaiians mistaking his appearance as the return of Lono.

The White Feather or Blue Star prophecy that some Hopi adhere to alleges that there are 9 signs leading to the purification, and as we have covered in previous episodes 8 of them appear to have come to pass (some believe the 9th has passed as well, though ceremony at Hopi continues as of the date of publication making this impossible). The Hopi hold high regard for the blue 6-pointed star or Star of David, and many Hopi claim they are descendants of the Jews who apply that symbolism. In fact the Hopi, Cherokee and other American Indians were generally assumed to be remnants of the “lost tribes of Israel” for hundreds of years after caucasians arrived on the continent – even into the early 1900s. What if they are?

We also mention the Hopi Life Plan in this episode, inscribed on Prophecy Rock.

Two Life Paths of Hopi Life Plan, Hopi Prophecies
Two Life Paths of Hopi Life Plan

According to the Life Plan, all people including the Hopi will face a decision to follow a path adherent to the earth and all living things, or one steeped in the materialism we embrace in our society today. All of humanity will then split. Those who choose the latter path (those shown on the upper line in the image to the left) are depicted as “two-hearts,” or materialistic people who are living a life in opposition to the earth and all living things, and some confused one-hearts are among them. These “two-heart” folks who embrace greed are going to have a very difficult path ahead, depicted as a jagged line in front of them in the image to the left. Those who live simply and follow the path of the “good Massa’u,” depicted in the image as an aged man with a crook-shaped planting stick walking into the future on the lower line, will live a long peaceful existence in harmony with the earth. As Gary alludes to in this episode the time to choose a path is upon us now. Interestingly Hopi Elder Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma, one of four Hopi elders entrusted with sharing Hopi prophecies with the world, asserts that there used to be a continuance of the jagged upper line around the corner of the stone that has mysteriously disappeared since he’s been visiting the petroglyph. Is someone or something showing us that the path of the wicked is getting shorter?

Hollywood Got It All Wrong...Except Perhaps the Mayhem of the Prophecies
Hollywood Got It All Wrong…Except Perhaps the Impending Mayhem

It’s tough to take any prophecies seriously anymore considering all the grandiose predictions and Nostradomic assertions that have failed to come to pass in recent years. Remember all the excessive hoopla over the end of the 13th Baktun of the Maya calendar on December 21, 2012? What a load of crap we got served over that one. Anyone who took the time to look beyond Hollywood’s ridiculousness understood December 21, 2012 as the end of a major cycle of the Maya calendar, and thus the beginning of another. This date marked the end of the fifth era of the Maya which began on August 13, 3113BC and lasted 144,000 days. When the solstice of December 21, 2012 took place, the axis of the earth was pointed directly into the center of our universe, completing a 25,920-year precession of equinox. This time period also marks – almost exactly – the time it takes our solar system to circle the Pleiades, a 7-star constellation which the Maya believe to be their home.

7 Stars of the Pleiades, in many prophecies
7 Stars of the Pleiades, a “Crook” Shape

The Hopi view the Pleiades as their place of origin as well, and both peoples see our current existence as a time of great change and transition. The Bible may agree. There are 3 direct references to the Pleiades in the Old Testament of the Bible, and one potential indirect reference from Revelation 1:16 in the New Testament. The Revelation mention describes a vision of the coming of the Messiah, who appears holding seven stars in his right hand. It may not be coincidence that some biblical scholars claim that armageddon is on the way as we enter the Age of Aquarius – some suggest it is approaching quite rapidly.

Interestingly Hindu people mark this time as the end of the Kali Yuga, which some see ending as soon as 2025. The Kali Yuga is the last and darkest of the four Yuga cycles of each major earth epoch, and it is followed by the appearance of destructor god Shiva who comes to cleanse the earth. After Shiva mops the place up we will begin the Dwapara Yuga, which puts us back on a path to great peace and evolution. The Golden Age! This Kali Yuga reportedly began in 3102BD, pretty close to the beginning of the last cycle of the Maya calendar that began in 3113BC. Coincidence?

Like the Hindu, both the Hopi and Maya see major earth cataclysms coming as part of the transition into the next age, similar in many ways to the description of the apocalypse in the Bible. How are these accounts so similar to those of the Bible at a time at least 2,000 years before anyone was capable of crossing the Atlantic? Despite the distance, according to Grandfather Martin it is no mistake: Hopi prophecy and Biblical prophecy are indeed referencing the same event.

It has been nearly 26,000 years since all these cycles aligned in this way; the first time in our lifetimes that such compelling circumstantial evidence exists to support theories suggesting an end-times event. These prophecies not only align with each other but just happen to align at a time that is arguably the darkest hour of human existence on this planet. We may have technology but we step on each other to chase false materialistic signs of success, kill each other and the earth for corporations, and allow our poor and indigent neighbors to die hungry and homeless so we can buy overpriced coffee on the way to jobs designed to perpetuate the wealth of the wealthy. Considering the deplorable nature of society today it’s tough not to take these prophecies seriously. Especially if you believe that human life is in some way the result of divine benevolent creation.

Axial Precession of the Earth, in Many Prophecies
Axial Precession of the Earth

To assume that all ancient prophecies are nonsense is ignorant bravado fueled by socialization, a symptom of our sickness. These ancient prophecies are rooted in spiritual and celestial cycles that are intimately related to the earth, and cycles repeat. Those who maintain relationships with the earth and spirit and convey oral traditions would know these cycles, those of us with our noses in celebrity tabloids would not. While we see the earth as nothing but a source of resources to feed our greed for accumulation, our indigenous brothers and sisters have enjoyed an intimate symbiotic relationship with her for thousands of years. Perhaps it’s our perceived lack of roots and connection that gives us our dangerously egomaniacal attitude toward the environment, it certainly doesn’t stem from intelligence. We’ve had the technology to implement safe, efficient long-term solutions to all our societal ills for years, but prefer to allow our two-heart “leaders” to continue miss-managing, over-producing and promoting scarcity to keep us towing the line.

We crank out GMOs under the guise of increasing agricultural production, yet the ancient farming and breeding techniques employed by indigenous peoples have proven to be far more effective – and far less harmful. Our clean water supply is dwindling and there are millions of people in dyer need of it, yet we continue using billions of gallons to extract natural gas via fracking; dumping chemicals into the water table in the process to poison the rest. We buy water in plastic containers that require a poop-load of petroleum and three times the water they contain to produce. Anyone thinking we can continue living this way without repercussions has an agenda, and it’s not in line with humanity.

Lake Mead: Shrinking Daily, prophecies
Lake Mead: Shrinking Daily

We are on the verge of what NASA calls a “Mega-Drought” that will last 30+ years, and we are not at all prepared to deal with it. There are plans in motion now to remove the Glen Canyon dam holding back the rapidly-shrinking Lake Powell reservoir in Northeast AZ in order to re-fill Lake Mead outside Las Vegas, another huge reservoir that is dangerously low. This is not a long-term solution, this is a shell game. Reducing allocations is the only way to save the Colorado River but our nation is run by lawyers and corporations, so we’re going to continue to allow short-term corporate profiteering to out-weigh long-term human needs. There is only one thing more painful than watching this train wreck ramble on – two words: Disney cruise.

While it may very well be too late for our “civilization,” it’s not too late to take responsibility for our own lives and join Younger Brother in establishing a healthy relationship with the earth. Our government doesn’t seem to care at all about our welfare and neither do the corporations running it that are profiting from our situation – arguably one in the same entity. If we want to survive we need to learn from our ancient ancestors, who learned long ago from the same mistakes we are making now.

Those who follow the path of the good Massa’u remain adherent to the directions he gave the Hopi upon their emergence into this, the fourth world. Massa’u told the Hopi if they could find him at the center place and live simply like him, in accordance with the earth and all living things, they could live there peacefully in perpetuity. Hopi society has been living peacefully in their center place on the Hopi Mesas for more than 1,000 years to this day. As we stop to celebrate the 240th birthday of the United States we may also want to stop to consider a very simple and readily apparent truth: Due to our rampant exploitation of each other and the planet, our nation will very likely not see 300.